Re: [gtk-list] Re: announce: yet another gtk+ C++ wrapper (no caps as Owen suggest)

Mario Motta <> writes:

> On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Karl Nelson wrote:
> >(By the way, which is garbage and why?  Gtk-- seems to work
> >well for me and you seem to feel VDK is good, so we
> >aren't talking about something as simple as one being garbage.)
> >
> gtk-- certainly not, is made well in my opinion and i personally
> hope will be better in the future, VDK is too young to say, i was
> referring simply to users ability to judge if a tool is good or not
> without be influenced by tool makers.

(Side note : I and Mario had a short and friendly conversation through
private email when he released VDK 0.1, and I know he doesn't consider
Gtk-- to be garbage :-)

> >Unfortunately, there will then also be a division of effort.  Since
> >both packages will need to be mantained and there is very little
> >showing in the C++ department in Gtk already,


> i can agree with you unless you think that new projects can attract
> new people.

I think Mario is probably right here : more C++ stuff makes more
publicity and will attract more interest rather than dividing a fixed
number of people. I believe the main reason so few people are doing
C++ in the freeware community is because of C++ bad reputation (along
with the long standing lack of a decent compiler, something egcs has
finally changed). So the more we hear about C++ the better.
> >On the other hand, my limited understanding of VDK is that it
> >has largely different design goals.  Therefore, we should
> >certainly not dismiss it.  However, some discussion of its
> >scope may be needed.  If one or the other projects
> >expands to eliminate the need of the other, people are
> >going to be unhappy.  

(Answering Karl here :)

I really don't think VDK nor Gtk-- is going to eliminate the
other. I'd wage VDK can be rewritten on top of Gtk-- without too many
problems, and may even be shorter this way.


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