Re: [gtk-list] OFF-TOPIC (was Re: gtk-- vs. vdk)

Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> But C++ is also extremely powerful, and most of its "bad reputation"
> is very unfounded, because of which many talented people stick to C
> and go through hoops to do what C++ would let them do ten times more
> easily.
> Starting a new project in C today (now that we have a very good C++
> compiler - egcs, not 2.8.0), even moderately large, is more often than
> not a mistake that results in a huge waste of time and resources.
> --
>                                         Guillaume.
IMHO, one of the problem with C++ is compilers.
Some codes will compile without problem with egcs and not at all with
g++. And I am not trying HP or SGI compilers.

I personaly would prefer to develop with C++ rather than C,
but till we get a norm in C++, it's hard to port applications.


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