Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK widget: Round dial

> I want to contribute and help wiht this gnome/gtk/g* project.. and the
> place i saw myself best startign was proting code i've spent a lot of
> time on to make it fast and powerful... imlib has made my life a deram
> coding enlightenment... and i'm sure somehting similar sould make it
> easy as hell for gtk programmers.

I guess most people agree that imlib is a good thing (but not for 1.0)
but the worthyness of theme stuff is subject to debate.   Imlib adds pure
functionality, but theme offers no real functions other than different looks.
I remember the authors of Qt point out why they have only two looks.   Ignoring
the license issues, I think Qt offers an example of what professional gui
toolkits should be like.   Qt is fast partly because it avoids unnecessary
stuff.  Qt's design is clean and benefits both developers and users.

I have to say Enlightment's value is highly controversial.  I mean no
disrespect for you, Rasterman.  Your talents can be of great
values, but please consider why the Mac and Windows have their particular
looks.   Apple and Microsoft did not spend millions of dollars on HCI/usability
studies for nothing.   And consider these Enlightment themes making Linux
desktop looks like a game screen.  Adding themes to gtk may throw gtk off track
adding bloats, slowing it down.   We need a lean and fast toolkit, not a fancy
yet slow one. Pleaee think about this.  Thanks.   

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