fPIC options for Solaris 2.6

> Find the file "sun4-solaris/5.00405/Config.pm" in Perl's lib
> directory and search for "cccdlflags".  The change you need to make
> should be obvious :-)

Actually, I went and looked at the perl source and found this in the
Configure script:

               *)  case "$osname/$ccflags" in
                        solaris/*-DDEBUGGING*)  dflt='-fPIC' ;;
                        *)                      dflt='-fpic' ;;
                    esac ;;

Would it be worth my time to recompile perl with DEBUGGING to achieve -fPIC?
Or am I still missing the picture?  I'm thinking that one would want
that option on virtually everything that uses shared libraries.

If I adjusted the GTK Makefile to include -fPIC and everything seemed to 
ok, and the test.pl runs, can I quit while I'm ahead, or should I recompile
after fixing perl?

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