Gtk--Draw library updated

 *** Gtk--Draw 0.0.5 released ***

A new version of Gtk--Draw is available today, from a new site:

This is basically a bug fix release, though there are some minor interface

Gtk--Draw is a Gtk-- add-on library, consisting of two layers. First, it
has a convenience wrapper for using Gdk drawing features with Gtk--, and a
DrawingBuffer widget which is a DrawingArea with a backing pixmap and a GC
stack. Second, it has a number of functions to draw plot components such
as axes, labels, tick marks, regression lines, and so on.

The library is used in Guppi, a data analysis and plotting application.
Guppi 0.0.1 was also released today and is available on the same web site.

Gtk--Draw was written by Jon Trowbridge <> and Havoc
Pennington <>. Please report any problems to us. 


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