Re: [gtk-list] Re: DOCUMENTATION (yes, this is shouted)

KC5TJA writes:
 > > Sounds like GnomeCanvas might do what you want.
 > I don't have Gnome, and likely never will... :-)

This is almost what I worried about when GnomeCanvas was suggested to
me.  You do have to have some of the base GNOME libs to use GNOME
widgets, but you don't have to have everything.  And you don't have to 
run GNOME to use GNOME's widgets.  You will find the same (lack of)
documentation for GnomeCanvas though.  However with gnome-canvas.h and 
some of the implimentations (testgnome, gnumeric, others?) you can get 
a good idea how to do the things you want.

If I might toss my $0.02 in, I also think that GTK+ is great and fun
to use but that lack of reference docs is really hampering newcomers
from adopting it as a toolkit (I know, I speak as one).  I would like
to help somehow to rectify this, but (as someone else says) I am far
from understanding and would likely confuse other newbies more than
help if I was to write anything.

Also, when people get the documentation bug and start writing, please
don't forget to say some things about GLIB as it is sorely in need of
just a little fleshing out of the .info files.

I suppose that one day there will be a pretty O'Reily book (start
choosing the animal now) that will go though all we need for
GLIB/GDK/GTK/GNOME programming, but until then, please help out us
mere mortals who just want to use thise great tools.


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