Re: [gtk-list] fPIC options for Solaris 2.6

On Aug 21, Christoph Doerbeck wrote:
> > Find the file "sun4-solaris/5.00405/" in Perl's lib
> > directory and search for "cccdlflags".  The change you need to make
> > should be obvious :-)
> Actually, I went and looked at the perl source and found this in the
> Configure script:
> <..snip..>
>                *)  case "$osname/$ccflags" in
>                         solaris/*-DDEBUGGING*)  dflt='-fPIC' ;;
>                         *)                      dflt='-fpic' ;;
>                     esac ;;
> <..snip..>
> Would it be worth my time to recompile perl with DEBUGGING to achieve -fPIC?
> Or am I still missing the picture?  I'm thinking that one would want
> that option on virtually everything that uses shared libraries.

Yeah, I'm not so sure about this.  I don't know offhand what else the
DEBUGGING define will do to Perl.  That's why I just changed the
installed  It might be worth posting something on one of
the Perl newsgroups.

Anyway, most Perl extensions are small enough that the 8k GOT limit
doesn't bite you - Gtk/Perl is a very large extension, and it's the only
one I've seen which hits the limit.

> If I adjusted the GTK Makefile to include -fPIC and everything seemed to 
> compile
> ok, and the runs, can I quit while I'm ahead, or should I recompile
> after fixing perl?

Now that you've got it built, I'd say you can safely quit while you're
ahead - just bear in mind that the next time you build a new version of
Gtk/Perl, you'll have to remember to modify the Makefile again.

Des Herriott

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