Re: [gtk-list] Silly library problem


first, I would have kept the rpm's, and simply upgraded them to the new
version(s).  Why the hassle?  Second, make sure that there are no left overs
from the previous install.  Third, make sure the Makefile or whatever else you
are using points to the right directories, specally for the glib library.  In
my case, I compile my files as follows:

# ./makef {file.c}

, where "makef" looks like:

gcc -Wall -g $1 -o ./test -L/usr/include/  -I/usr/include/ \
`/usr/local/bin/gtk-config --cflags`  `/usr/local/bin/gtk-config --libs`

It actually looked a lot better, but an hour ago I erased it by mistake.
Either way, this works great for me.  And fourth, I'm going to sleep, I'm
making less sense than normal.

Regards, ajam

Kyle B Ferrio wrote:

> It's late.  Can someone tell me why I'm getting undefined symbol errors?
> I just tried to upgrade from gtk+ 1.0.1 to 1.0.5.
> Starting from a Redhat 5.1 install, I first pulled an rpm -e on both gtk
> and gtk-devel.
> Then I compiled and installed 1.0.5 using the ./configure defaults.
> Then I edited /etc/ to include /usr/local/lib and ran ldconfig.
> Next I recompiled my code, e.g. hello.c, with no problems.
> Then I got an undefined symbol at run-time:
> [gtk@zathras gtk]$ ./a.out
> ./a.out: error in loading shared libraries
> /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: g_strdelimit
> [gtk@zathras gtk]$
> Thanks,
> Kyle
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