Re: [gtk-list] Silly library problem

Thanks to all who responded to my question.  But as I sad, I did edit and run ldconfig before posting.  A few minutes later, I posted
the solution, which concerns glib, not gtk/gdk, per se.  It seems that
Redhat 5.1 installs glib as a package, separate from the gtk and gtk-delev
rpms which include gdk.  People with Redhat 5.1 installations (and
others?) need to 'rpm -e glib' as well as 'rpm -e gtk gtk-devel' because
Redhat puts glib.* in /usr/lib nstead of /usr/local/lib (the gtk+ 1.0.5
default prefix).  Hence, the loader may find the old instead of
the new one, even after updating

Note to FAQ and ./configure maintainers: The helpful instructions to
Redhat users should be updated to cover this situation.  


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