Re: anyone here yet?

On Fri, May 02, 1997 at 01:03:19AM -0500, Shawn T Amundson wrote:
> Words Of Otto Hammersmith:
> >As for a web interface, it will probably have to wait until next week,
> >if it ever gets done.  If there's enough demand, I'll bug the right
> >people... but if no one cares, it's not worth the time. :)
> >
> Can't wait for that WWW interface.  ;-)  (Does that count for demand?)

:) fortunately someone else has done it for us.
> Just a query: can this list be set up to put [gtk] in the subject?

None of the other redhat lists do... it probably could be done, but
I'm not going to ask.  thbbt. :) Seriously, if you want to filter out
the list, use the X-Loop: line... it should be set to  Makes for easy .procmail rules.


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