Re: anyone here yet?

Words Of Otto Hammersmith:
>None of the other redhat lists do... it probably could be done, but
>I'm not going to ask.  thbbt. :) Seriously, if you want to filter out
>the list, use the X-Loop: line... it should be set to
>  Makes for easy .procmail rules.

If I wanted to procmail it I would have no problem doing that.  But
if I do that, I'll just ignore the list.  I could even put in the
[gtk] before it hits my mailbox, but that would suck for replies
unless I just left it in (which I might to anyway).

There are no good mail readers or this would not be a problem.

Shawn T. Amundson		University of Minnesota
Systems Administration	 	Computer Science System Staff     	

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