Re: pango 1.29.5 strange chars

On 08/29/2012 06:45 PM, Stefan Parvu wrote:
>> Whatever glib's logging is set up to.  Defaults to terminal.
>> Do you have the pango-view tool?  I suggest you get that up and try, then if
>> not working, try strace'ing it to see where it's looking for files, etc.
> thanks for tip. I will play with that one. 
> But I think I found the problem. Not a pango issue at all.
> Simple: I did add to my ubuntu 12.04 ttf-dejavu-core pkg and
> rebuild the fontcache.

That's weird.  The only case that can happen is if there are no other fonts
whatsoever.  Maybe that *was* the case.  At any rate, the warning would have
had told you that Pango didn't find any fonts :).


> Works ! pango 1.29.5 + friends in Ubuntu 12.04.
> thanks a lot for help.
> Stefan

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