Re: pango 1.29.5 strange chars

> There should be warning messages produced by Pango.  What do they say?  Looks
> like you forgot to install the modules perhaps?

See the entire configure; make; make install steps.

There are some warnings, but I think those are ok. Worked fine in 1.29.3.

What Im suspecting is that I am building the entire show under RHEL 5.7
x64 and I try to play, run them under Ubuntu 12.04. I will try Ubuntu 11.10
first to see if they work ok.

I did without error build pango 1.29.3 + friends under RHEL 5.7 and 
play them without problems under Ubuntu 11.10. Now Im trying 12.04 LTS.

Could this be a problem ? Should I always build first for Ubuntu and play
them on Ubuntu ?


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