Usage of pango_layout_set_attributes

Hi again,
so after continue researching I've realized that to apply a different character spacing I need to use Pango Attributes.

So I decided to look the Pango interface for Text Attributes and the Pango Layout attributes interface.

I found that there are two functions to set/get the attributes list to the Pango Layout:

pango_layout_set_attributes ()
pango_layout_get_attributes ()

Looking to the code of pango_layout_set_attributes() I realize that it calls the internal function pango_layout_clear_lines() that frees the lines of the layout.

The question is: why in the implementation of the pango_layout_set_markup_with_accel() function it is called the pango_layout_set_attributes() function right after the pango_layout_set_text function()?
Shouldn't that invalidate the text lines?

Finally, what's the correct way to use the PangoAttributes over a Layout? Is there any example code?



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