Re: pango 1.29.5 strange chars

On 08/29/2012 02:31 PM, Stefan Parvu wrote:
>> x64 and I try to play, run them under Ubuntu 12.04. I will try Ubuntu 11.10
>> first to see if they work ok.
> yep. this seems to be the problem. 
> binaries built on rhel 5.x wont run ok on Ubuntu 12.04 but they do on 
> 11.10. 
> Probable I should build pango + friends on 12.04 and play them on 12.04.
> So something is damn different in 12.04 regarding pango. 

It's probably that the module install path is different.  I'm sure you can
make it work.  Or, configure it with --with-included-modules.

> Im happy at this moment with 1.29.5 and 11.10 Ubuntu. 
> stefan

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