Re: placement of combining diacritical marks

On Sun, 2008-02-24 at 10:32 +0100, Theo Veenker wrote:
> I think that's a bridge too far, except of course if you want to program
> a pango overview diagram rather than drawing/formulating it. Anyway what
> I was looking for is something like the attached dot file. To generate a ps
> file from this pass it through the graphviz dot tool like this:
>    dot -Tps -o
> Of course this diagram is incomplete and possibly incorrect as I'm not the
> right person to compose it. BTW dot can generate many other output formats
> (for some it uses cairo so maybe you can make it generate cairo source code).

Thanks.  I've filed your diagram here to not lose it:

> Isn't gtk-doc capable of generating such diagrams? Doxygen is.

No idea.  Guess not.


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