Re: placement of combining diacritical marks

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 18:56 +0100, Theo Veenker wrote:

I just noticed that when I draw something like j+0x0301 (j with acute accent)
using pango_cairo_show_layout() it doesn't work with a 'monospace' font (works

In short, these are all font issues.  Bug your font developers.

Aha, so this means I can get around it by selecting a font that behaves better.
Do you happen to know which monospaced font (mainly latin) is 'good'?

P.S. Behdad, may I ask if there a graphic overview somewhere showing the
      relations between the the different parts of pango?

Not that I know of.  What parts do you have in mind exactly?

The canonical diagram is of course the source code :P.

Haha! That's why I ask. Having some diagrams showing how one thing is
connected to another makes ploughing through the sources a lot more
effective. I'm mainly interested in the things I as a user need to
use in my software: for instance the layout stuff. You could have
a diagram showing a PangoLayout that has N PangoLayoutLine which
in turn has N PangoGlyphItem and so on. One can easily create such
diagrams using lmu or umlgraph (haven't tried the latter one). I
can try to create a short example if you like.


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