Re: placement of combining diacritical marks

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 18:56 +0100, Theo Veenker wrote:
> Hi,
> I just noticed that when I draw something like j+0x0301 (j with acute accent)
> using pango_cairo_show_layout() it doesn't work with a 'monospace' font (works
> OK with 'sans-serif' and 'serif'). Then the accent is spacing and is put next
> to the j.
> Also when you compare 0x01D5 <-> U+0x038+0x304 or 0x1D6 <-> u+0x0308+0x0304
> (U with diaeresis and macron, resp. u with diaeresis and macron), the composed
> ones look quite different from the precomposed ones. For the monospaced font
> the diacritical marks have the problem as described above, for the sans-serif
> font the marks on the small u are not stacked (drawn over each other), and for
> the serif font the macron is not centered like the diaeresis is, and the marks
> on the small u are not stacked and the macron is offset as with the U case.
> I didn't check any other fonts or characters. This is for pango 1.19.3.

In short, these are all font issues.  Bug your font developers.

> Here are some images (ignore the blue lines):
> The mono case worries me most. Is this something to be fixed in a future
> pango release?

Two years from now, Pango will handle that, yes.  In the mean time, your
fonts can be fixed to just work.

> Regards,
> Theo
> P.S. Behdad, may I ask if there a graphic overview somewhere showing the
>       relations between the the different parts of pango?

Not that I know of.  What parts do you have in mind exactly?

The canonical diagram is of course the source code :P.


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