Re: atypical compose key

on 28/09/2006 20:16 Etsushi Kato said the following:
> What is the enconding of your ~/.XCompose?  It should be UTF-8 if it
> is used in uk_UA.UTF-8 environment.  If its encoding is uk_UA.KOI8-U,
> you can get funny characters.


thank you very much and sorry for practically having wasted your time.
It was all my fault. ~/.XCompose was not the culprit and I removed it
anyway, but I'll try to find out exactly was wrong with it.

My main mistake was that I still somehow had CHARSET environment
variable set and it was set to KOI8-U!
Because of this variable
  g_get_charset (&charset);
  result->mb_charset = g_strdup (charset);
g_get_charset() returned "KOI8-U" here (as I found out with debugger)
and because of that UTF-8 result returned by XmbLookupString() was
re-coded KOI8-U => UTF-8 which resulted in that garbage.

When I removed CHARSET and used GTK_IM_MODULE=xim everything become perfect!

However I put a small portion of blame on GTK [g_get_charset()] too —
why oh why did it chose CHARSET over LANG and LC_ALL ? I always thought
that LC_ALL was an "almighty" variable.

Thank you again for your help and guidance.

Andriy Gapon

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