Re: improvement of font selection

> > So IMHO the right way for font selection would be (unless
> > specified otherway in the fonts.conf of course) to try to select
> > the font (for particular unicode block) that covers this block
> > best.
> In fact, I prefer the other way around.  If there are two fonts A
> and B, A supports the entire Arabic block, B supports only the
> glyphs needed for rendering Persian, I prefer B for Persian for
> obvious reasons.

I have seen many cases, where mixing the fonts was not only visualy
incompatible, but worse, where for example accent came from
another font than the letter the accent should be placed at,
it simply doesn't work, since you cannot use any OT tables
to place the accent properly (I've seen this with biblical hebrew).

Also I would be very surprised, persian letters would not
include arabic characters. In fact, I have used persian
fonts for writing arabic. Can You show me an example of
a font, that has _only_ persian glyphs?


Petr Tomasek <>

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