Re: pango + libtool problem

* Behdad Esfahbod <behdad cs toronto edu> wrote:

> > hmm. Why not ?
> > How complicated is it to change this ?
> Because the internal copy is slightly modified.  Not really
> complicated, but not trivial either.

hmm, where can I find out, what's exactly different ?
I'd like to get it built with "official" firibi. Probably I'll try 
to trim it down later.

> > For a short hack I'm currently linking "non-installed" libraries
> > statically, but this really isn't clean, because it ends up in
> > executables get the whole libs (of the same package) linked-in
> > statically.
> I think that's indeed what libtool does.  noinst_ libs are built
> static for local linking, other libs are built both static and
> shared, based on options passed to configure.

Yeah, but still I don't know how this is actually passed to libtool.
My current approach produces duplicate code in several libraries
linking the same (non-installed) library - no matter if this linked-in
lib is later installed as .so or not.

We could get around this by having completely separate packages ...

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