Re: pango + libtool problem

* Behdad Esfahbod <behdad cs toronto edu> wrote:

> > hmm. is it possible to build against the full fribidi ?
> No.

hmm. Why not ?
How complicated is it to change this ?

> > libpangoft and libpango both contain fribidi.o, and libpangoxft is
> > linked against them - so I've got doubled code.
> I didn't quite figure out what you are trying to do, but if you
> are using something else instead of libtool, it probably is a
> problem with your tool, no?

Yeah, maybe. 

I'm trying hard to figure out, what libtool is actually doing. 
My trickiest point is how libtool gets told, whether some lib 
should be built as .a or .so and whether to link dynamically 
or statically against some certain lib.

For a short hack I'm currently linking "non-installed" libraries 
statically, but this really isn't clean, because it ends up in 
executables get the whole libs (of the same package) linked-in 

Libtool's actual behaviour is all but well-documented :((

I have now sorted-out doubled .o files (by their md5sum), but
this really doesn't help :((

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