opentype features (ligatures)

Hi all,

I am currently working on computer support for a script which currently is in use in my country (drc), and neighbour countries (congo, angola etc...). It is known as Mandombe.

Because of its structure, this script must use opentype features, especially ligatures, and contextual substitution/positionning.

I have seen some implementations of opetype features for indic scripts, but they won't work with the script I am working on. The main thing its use would require is correct processing and rendering of ligature tables and I am willing to work with that, but... the thing is: I don't know where to start at all...

My work is to be included in one of the next ubunu linux releases in order to submit the project to central africa's governments.

To be a little more precise, my question is:

Is there a way the ligature rendering feature could be "activated" in pango? In order for that to be possible, what information is required about the script?

Thanks in advance,

ps: the script should be used mostly with africain languages such as: kikongo, lingala, kiswahili, zulu, fon, bassa etc... as well as western languages anyway...

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