Re: pango + libtool problem

* Behdad Esfahbod <behdad cs toronto edu> wrote:


> FriBidi is a separate library, but Pango includes a trimmed down
> version of its source code in the pango/mini-fribidi directory.

hmm. is it possible to build against the full fribidi ?

> It builds an static libtool library out of it and links it into
> libpango.  So, the libpango-1.0.a/fribidi.o is indeed the object
> file built from pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi.c.  Seems like you are
> trying to link the fribidi.a again.

I've tracked it further down: 

libpangoft and libpango both contain fribidi.o, and libpangoxft is
linked against them - so I've got doubled code.

It seems I have no way coming around comparing all files (or they 
checksums) and clean up doubled files.

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