Re: [gtk-i18n-list] Unicode PUA supporting issue in gtk+/pango

I should emphasize at first that I have no experience with Unicode :)

> But, this case, the relashionship between Hanzi in
> PUA codepoints and defined codepoints (in revised
> Unicode after inclusion of new Hanzi) is not clear.
Another example is that big5 hiragana are mapped to PUA, not the unicode
hiragana block.  It is closer to the situation we have now for HKSCS.

One simple question is that when one writes a program to check if a text
file contains hiragana, should it checks the codepoints in PUA?  IMO,
no, because we don't know how other encodings uses these codepoints when
being converted to Unicode.  That is, we should not give codepoints in
PUAs any meaning.  But maybe it can have a check box saying, "I am
Taiwanese and the `P' in PUA refers to me." (Just a joke and I myself am
> Now I have a question. Today, we have Unicode-4.1.0.
> The character at PUA codepoint U+E78D is same with U+FF10?
> They are different? Now U+E78D should be dealt as unmapped?
> or should be kept for backwards compatibility?
> The decision should be done by font selection only?
They are different because U+FE10 has meaning while U+E78D doesn't.  As
such, one should pick the right font to display the (private use) glyph


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