Re: Help in Making Pango Read Input

> From: sivakumar rallabhandi <siva538 yahoo com>
> I know that pango deals with only rendering and layout. But any one
> if worked with " Pango Input Reading " please help me......

As you mentioned, there is no such thing "Pango Input Reading" or any
It appears that what you mean is all about "input method" on gtk+.

You've got 19 replies and several options to enable input method on
gtk+ are already given in those 19 replies. You mean none of them 
are satisfactory to you?

Everyday I am typing in and displaying multilingual text including
Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai etc. on GNOME apps on my
XIM-free GNOME desktop and I am quite happy with it. So I am having
difficulty on understanding what exactly the problems you are
struggling with. 

Probably you may want to explain again in detail what exactly the
problems are you trying to solve?

If what you are looking for is basically for any Indic scripts input,
I just placed the RPMs of IIIMF built out of trunk for any UnitedLinux
flavored Linux and RPMs for Fedora/Redhat built by Yu Shao on's download corner for your convenience, so if you use
either kind of distro, would you give a try on them and let me know if
they are not satisfactory with you?
(You can also find the Fedora RPMs in Redhat Rawhide. And lf you are
looking for the Debian packages, the packages built by Roger So are in
any mirrors of unstable, so just apt-get them to install) 

hiura {freestandards org,,,,} 
Chair, Free Standards Group
Architect/Sr. Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc, USA   eFAX: 509-693-8356

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