RE: Problem in rendering indic fonts

Thanks Manjunath,

Actually i have gone thru the links which u have mentioned.
I have even tried installing IndLinux-Hindi-0.73. Here all the necessary 
locales & fonts for hindi and other 6 more Indian languages are available.

To tell my experience, I have installed DirectFB in order to achieve display 
with out the need of an X server, as such font rendering & layouting is taken 
care of by pango only, which actually doesnt depend on any xfs as far as i 
know. My thinking could be wrong also, if so pls correct me.

One more experience with X Server with no Frame buffer, i tried on "gedit" to 
display indic fonts, but i failed, all of my locales & fonts are avialbale.
 I have INDIC fonts only. But where does pango looks for the proper fonts & 
locales when it comes to rendering text? This answer will be very crucial for 
my work. Also How to make "gedit" to display indic fonts?? if you can clear my 
second doubt also, it will be of great help.

Thank you very much in advance, I expect your reply at the earliest.

With regards,

>===== Original Message From Manjunath Sripadarao <manju paqrat com> =====
>I dunno about you but I have Indic (devanagari) working in pango with
>gedit. I haven't changed my locale or
>anything, but gedit can display utf8 text files. I have tried it with
>raghindi, gargi and some others. As long
>as the font is unicode and opentype compliant it should work out of the
>box. I am not sure if you want everything
>in hindi (menus etc.,) in that case setting the LANG env seems to do the
>trick for me. If you need any more assistance
>try wiki. Or try the #indlinux channel on
>You may need to run xfs or something, not sure
>about directfb or if anyone has even tried. Try google.
>>Hi everyone,
>>This is again inl;ine with my doubt regading rendering indic fonts as my
>>question ( posted on 16th JAn 2004) is still unanswered.
>>Is it because my question is silly or unrelevent? or it has already been
>>discussed & such FAQ's are available in archieves. Pls suggest me something.
>>I'll look forward for a response this time. Thank you.
>>On Friday 16 January 2004 11:18 am, bheemesh wrote:
>>>Hi There,
>>>I have installed gtk+-directfb.2.0.9, and DirectFb-0.9.20 along with
>>>pango-1.2.5 with fontconfig and freetype.
>>>The installation went on fine & example codes are working fine.
>>>But only for english fonts & it's related fonts. But actually i want to run
>>>"indic fonts" on my Gtk+ appln. I have installed all the necessary
>>>"locales" and "fonts" for Indic languages.
>>>But now if run simplest of "calender" example of Gtk+ also, indic fonts are
>>>not visible.
>>>In fact i tried to set LANG variable to "hi_IN" ( locale for hindi Indic
>>>font). Then when i execute the calender , directly the hindi fonts apear.
>>>But i want to know how to change fonts across indic fonts, at runtime, not
>>>by making use of LANG variable.
>>> Is LANG variable is the only way of changing locale, that is used by
>>>Pango, or Pango does change locale & fonts by any other mechanism.
>>>If Pango uses other mechanism where exactly it searches for locales & fonts
>>>as we have folders by name "locale " and "fonts" at various locations like
>>>"/etc", "usr/share" etc etc. ( I am
>>>Pls suggest me a good link or tutorial which describes how pango is able to
>>>switch across fonts & locales at runtime to run gtk applns with
>>>multilingual support.
>>>I expect a favorable reply at the earliest.
>>>Thank you very much in advance,
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