Re: Help in Making Pango Read Input

This is probably an offtopic question as regards to pango. But you may find this useful
For more info you can hang out in,#indlinux.

hi all,
I am working on pango since three months. First of all I am very happy to know that Pango got "Open source Award" for year 2004. Special Thanks to "Christian Rose" for giving the info abt the award for pango. I thank all the people over here helping each other to solve the problems with their knowledge base. I will be very thankful if any one helps me in reading input through pango ... I know that pango deals with only rendering and layout. But any one if worked with " Pango Input Reading " please help me...... Thanks in advance,
Sivakumar. Rallabhandi,
siva538 yahoo com <mailto:siva538 yahoo com>
Synfosys Business Sol. Ltd,
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