Re: Pango Multilingual Input Reading

Stefan Baums <baums u washington edu> writes:
> I was thinking of GNU/Linux and in end‐user terms here: “on a
> freshly installed system, selecting input methods for any script
> should just work.” Like in MacOS X (almost).  As it is, there is
> also some confusing overlap: GTK+ has a “Cyrillic” input method,
> but XFree86 already comes with “ru” and “ru_yawerty” XKB files (of
> which the latter just duplicates functionality of the former and
> will hopefully be removed from XFree86 soon).

I cannot imagine any native Cyrillic user is using Cyrillic input
method in Gtk+: as it's name says, it's a transliteration.

After all, Cyrillic is not only Russian, and most other languages
(Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, perhaps Belarusian...)
which use Cyrillic cannot be written with any Russian keymap.

But, XFree86 provides maps for all of those, so it's not a problem. I
guess this specific Gtk+ input method is there for Latin-oriented

>> You can set the environment variable GTK_IM_MODULE=xim.
> Thanks for pointing that out.  It would be nice if GNOME saved
> your input method choices across sessions and/or provided a
> control‐center GUI for setting the default.

It would be nice. Would you consider e-mailing Carlos <carlos at
gnome org> to see how well does it fit into his new proposal of
"Language and Culture" control center applet?

I'm CCing him just in case (though, this might tend to go off-topic
for gtk-i18n).


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