Re: Pango Multilingual Input Reading


Pango doesn't do anything with input. If you are using gtk+,
internationalized input is pretty much taken care of.


On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at  4:18:40 -0800, sivakumar rallabhandi wrote:
> Hi, 
>          I am working on Pango to create widgets and display Multilingual text. That is working fine and coming to reading multilingual reading input is a bit difficultier one. The key board maps and other info given in the site under input resources is giving only a vague idea.. 
> I would be very thankful if any body helps me in giving info of how to read 
> input in Pango. 
> Is it related to the sytem area where keyboard map files are compiled or 
> it is the programmer who should take care of the mapping in the program.
> Thanks in advance......

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