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Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu clai net> wrote:

> > Other than splitting things up, the other thing that could really
> > help here would be a set of automated or even semi-automated test
> > cases.(By semi-automated, I mean someone would have to look at the
> > result and compare to stored bitmap images.)
> IMHO, it would be nice if each and every active (Indic) language
> group got together and created a reference text - along with a
> bitmapped representation of what the ideal rendering may look like.
> Something in the lines of 
> char1 + char2 + char3 -> conjunct
> I am ready to submit such a fileset on behalf of the Bangla team,
> and I think Mahesh here will be able to submit something for the
> Malayalam.
Quite sometime back when testing pango in early days had made some
tables , though not very comprehensive ones, just CV, CC combinations
generated by a script.
have put them up at
right now only dev, tel, kan, mal are present, there are utf8 pages &
html ones, basically to be used as input text. pages for other scripts
are also ready but dont have sample text.
though havent put ny reference images (eg generated in yudit, windows
xp,..etc). That is more appropriate to create on select sequences
which commonly occur.
For devanagari there is a collection of bitmaps of valid conjuncts
used in sanskrit, these bitmaps are for conjuncts having shape
composite of base consonants. these were taken from a devanagari
typography book which listed about 376 combinations.
will try to put these things in more usable form in coming days.


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