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I'm the original author of the current Pango Indic code. I made a single module because much of the functionality for each script was the same, and I wanted to avoid all of the problems associated with duplicate code.

Having worked with this code now for about five years, I've found that the approach I took makes it too fragile - it's too easy for the fix to one script to break other scripts. I now believe that the functionality should be split apart to avoid this problem. I think there may still be a way to do this that minimizes code duplication, but I haven't yet taken the time to look at this in detail.

The code I contributed to Pango is based on the ICU LayoutEngine code. I am currently scheduled to make this change to the ICU code for release 3.2, which will be finished at the end of this year. My 3.2 schedule won't be firm until after ICU 3.0 is released, which is currently shceduled for mid-June of this year.

Eric Mader
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Mahesh T. Pai wrote:

Noah Levitt said on Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 10:52:15AM -0500,:

 > sources. There is no separate module for Tamil that I can see.

Which is what the trouble is about. Pango used to have have separate
modules for each Indic language.

Somewhere along the  line these were merged into  one, and apparently,
other  developers were  not  aware of  either  the move  to merge  the
modules, or that such merger was actually implemented till they got to
see the changelog, that is.

I  think the pango  development process  certainly can  do with  a bit
more communication.

On my part, I can  help update the webpages, (one persistent
complaint is  that pages is  consistently out of  date - for
example, it  now says  that pango 1.2  is released)  provided somebody
tells me where to find the  info to populate the pages with. At least,
tell me what lists to subscribe to, to find the info.

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