pango question

	I am working for localising gnome to malayalam(ml_IN).
We are doing it for around  two years, and malayalam translation 
exists to a good extend.
	Arun, another person here, is trying to fix bugs in
rendering malayalam by pango. He had fixed almost all bugs
in an erlier version of pango. 
But several patches didnt reached the pango cvs, because
"they will break other languages". So malayalam rendering 
is buggy even in the current version of pango. Anyone need
malayalam should install an apropriate patch, which may
break other indian languages.I fears that this is the case 
for other CTL Languages.

When I started to the pango source code, I found a seperate
module for tamil language. I think making seperate module
for each language will be  better. This will allow us to
patch the sources without "breaking others". (I have no
idea about the technical complications for this....)

Is it possible?(Sorry if this is already discucssed here)

"Freedom Matters"
Sajith VK

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