More than Combining characters

Hello Jungshik Shin,

Ok, that is very clearly explaination what I'm waiting for about Pango. Now
I understand Pango can not call directly to glyph if glyph isn't map to code

>   Your time would be better spent either helping with fixing
> (Latin/Greek/Cyrillic
> opentype font support) or helping adding Graphite(
> support to Pango. Graphite fonts (to a lesser extent, so are Apple's AAT
> fonts) are a lot  smarter, more flexible, and more self-contained than
> opentype fonts in that Graphite fonts work 'by themselves' (with the
> minimal help of a rendering engine) while opentype fonts have to rely
> on rendering engines for script-specific 'intelligence'. For instance,
> even if you have an opentype font for a script X, it'd be of no use unless
> Pango (or Uniscribe on MS Windows) had no knowledge of the script X and
> opentype layout features for the script X used in your font.

I know about graphite and I tried my script on it. But unfortunately,
Graphite isn't widely accepted yet especially MS will not. To widely
available my script to many platform I have to Implement on Opentype Font.
How Pango work with Opentype font, especially unknown script? Free Type 2
doesn't do rendering. Is that mean need to call cmap table and manual
rendering or is there better way?

>   Well, you can use either PUA code points (if it's an X11core fonts
> with iso10646-1 XLFD registry-encoding pairs) or whatever codepoints
> you like in a registry-encoding of your making (as is done in fonts
> like muleipa-1').  In case of truetype fonts, by putting nominal glyphs
> at Unicode codepoints and your 'presentation form glyphs' in the PUA
> (in Unicode Cmap) [1], you can get your fonts recognized as supporting
> your target language by fontconfig( This is
> not an issue at all if you make an opentype font or a Graphite font.
> Not every glyph in the font need to be mapped to a Unicode character. In
> modern truetype fonts(opentype, AAT or Graphite)[2], it's not uncommon
> to find a number of _unmapped_ glyphs. Rendering engines work with glyph
> ID's instead of 'characters' at their lowest level.

But on my problem, it need more than that. Even if I have Opentype font, I
still need feature like line wraping calculation and glyph repositioning,
mean swapting with front or back. Can Pango do thing like that works.

Maung TunTunLwin
maungttlwin myanmar com mm

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