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On Sat, 2003-09-06 at 23:06, Spundun Bhatt wrote:
> Jungshik Shin wrote:
> > Please, read materials at URLs
> > I gave in my messages (one at gtk-i18n and the other at XFree86 font list).
> >   
> I could not find anything by searching the archives for strings
> "jungshik" and "jshin". Can you re-post the urls you are talking
> about. I am trying to understand all this font mess at system,xfree
> and esp. gnome level. Right now i am going through

I am also a bit confused, because there seems to be more than one way of
doing the character replacement.

This is the understanding I have got so far, by reading various
documents and from the replies I got on various lists (thanks to all who
replied). Please correct me if I can wrong:

- Unicode defines character codes and ways of representing them in
strings (and some other things), but character replacement should be
done by a separate "shaper" which is upto the implementation.

- X doesn't do character mappings/replacements either, so there isn't
much we can do at X level.  Some had actually done this (e.g: by hacking X.  This has the
advantage of not being specific to any toolkit, but maintaining a
patched X wouldn't be a good solution, IMHO.

- Toolkits such as Pango has shapers for individual chacacter
sets/languages.  If we take this approach, then a shaper needs to be
written for each toolkit.

- Opentype fonts have character replacement tables (GSUB).  Upper layers
(Pango, QT etc) do handle these rules.

Considering all these options, I have decided to look into opentype in
detail (going through the specification now), because coming up with an
opentype font seem to solve the font part of the puzzle for most (at
least Pango and QT, and some other platforms I am not interested ;-))


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