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On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 08:10:25PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:

> I think the answer about capslock is "nobody ever uses capslock, so
> it doesn't matter".

Quite true :)
(I guess in mechanical typewritting era it was used for emphasis;
but on a computer we have real bold and real italics, not to mention
choice of font and colour, for that)
> > But are there people that will do things like editing at the same time two
> > (or more) text files into two (or more) different scripts?
> > I mean: at the same time.
> I think it's very plausible that I might be hacking code in one window
> and replying to emails elsewhere.

Yes, but then you need the handling of input state in the mail editing,
not in the text editing window.
My comment was: is it plausible you will ever be hacking code, or writting
documentation or whatever non interactive, in two or more languages 
I agree that mail/IM/irc is a different thing indeed.

> I do that all the time.

Me too (well; not *all the time*, just "often" :) )

> Of course,
> everything for me is in English. I guess I should defer to you as
> more familiar with multilingual input usage :-)

While I commonly use various languages, they all use latin script, so
there isn't much difference.

And maybe I don't qualifiy much to talk about this topic either.
However, from my point of view, that is, someone who uses a latin script
most of the time, with use of other scripts mostly for testing purposes,
a global setting is preferable.

In fact, I now better understand and appreciate the idea of the 
per-window/tab input state; if the default (that is, for any new opened
window/tab) could follow the last choosen method, then it would pe
perfect for me.
(xchat/gaim/etc should however still have the ability to add a specific
config per-channel/correspondant imho)

>> That is what yudit ( actually does, and it works
>> very well 
> I tried to make GTK+ switch XIM methods on the fly when I first created
> GtkIMContextXIM and it didn't work. The XFree86 Xlib at that point
> simply couldn't handle it.

I never looked in deep how yudit does it; but it does. So it is possible
to do it with Xlib.
> Maybe it works better if you are running with all UTF-8 locales; maybe

No, it is irrelevant (in yudit you define the locale to use).

In your try to switch XIM methods, did you also switched locales ?
Because for CJK input methods the locale is extremely important; it simply
doesn't work at all if the wrong locale is used.

(yudit also launches the xim input server in case it isn't already 

> I believe that Solaris handles switching input methods on the fly
> through IIIMF, however. 

The problem is that IIIMF doesn't come with standard XFree86.

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