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On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 07:45:47PM -0300, Mauricio Oliveira Carneiro wrote:
> I'm having problems with GTK-based applications when it comes to special
> (portuguese-brazillian) chars. 
> Specially the c-cedil. It works alright for my entire system, since I
> changed the following on my /etc/sysconfig/i18n (RH 9) , but the gtk
> based apps seems not to respond accordingly. 

do a right-click on any gtk2 edit area, and choose input method->XIM
then gtk2 will use the same compose files as non-gtk2 programs.
> My c-cedil looks like a c with an acute instead of a cedil. The rest is

Simply because that is what you are sending...
the <dead_acute> + <c> giving a ccedilla only works for iso-8859-1(-15?)
locales; it won't work for UTF-8 as cacute is what would be expected
when you request an accute accent over a "c" letter.

> I'm trying to understand how the GTK based applications get this i18n
> information so I can fix it.

gtk2 has its own compiled-in default composition table, it covers iso-8859-1
and a bit more (I don't know exactly what it covers, you should look
at the sources); but I doubt your request to have <dead_acute> + <c>
give anything other than <cacute> will be accepted; and if it is, there will
be a lot of people from Croatia, Czekia, Slovakia, Poland, etc. that will
(rightfully) complain about it.

Now, gtk2 can also use other input methods, you can choose them with right
click input method menu.

So, you can write your own gtk2-specific input method;

or you can use "XIM" (that is, let XFree86 take care about it) and edit your
locale setting and the corresponding /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/xxxxxx/Compose
file to have the behaviour you want.

The gtk2 specific input methods (the "defaul" builtin or others) are 
The "XIM" input method to the contrary is very dependent on the locale

# PS: I've seen that question coming several times; maybe it should be put
# in a FAQ somewhere? 

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