Re: BMP chars lacking fonts

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

Owen> The "checklist of glyphs" approach bothers me a bit because it
Owen> leads to fonts ... which have the "Unicode table" form
Owen> of the characters without the necessary shaped forms of the
Owen> glyphs ...

That is a good point.  The family I am (slowly [SIGH]) working on is
intended to Do The Right Thing for each script it (will) cover(s);
the level of research that entails is daunting.

>> Most of the characters that are "illegal" show up as <F00B>, but
>> the variation selectors (after a non-variable character or after
>> nothing) show up as a hexed box.

Owen> Not sure what you mean by <FOOB>.

I get a "less hex hex hex hex greater" tuple in blue; the characters
in the uploaded file OTOH all give the hex box in the normal foreground


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