Re: BMP chars lacking fonts

On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 18:11, James H. Cloos Jr. wrote:
> [I thought this might be of interest here.]
> There are now only 244 BMP chars listed in UnicodeData.txt that pango
> attempts to paint and for which I have no free / libre font.

But how many characters are in the BMP that you have fonts that
cover, but not to render correctly? There may be fonts where people
have drawn in, say, traditional Mongolian characters as shown in
the Unicode standard. But that doesn't mean that you can handle text
with them.

> I've not yet put up a good page about them, but a text list can be
> grabbed at:
> It has the utf8 encoded character and the data from UnicodeData.txt
> for each of the 244 chars.
> Some of the characters, such as the GREEK SANs are new in 4.0; others
> are scripts I've no or limited support for.  Others, such as the
> VARIATION SELECTORs probably should not be painted as they are...

Are the VARIATION SElECTOR characters really printable characters?

And what's magical about the BMP? I have every confidence that
Pango-1.4 will be able to properly handle non-BMP characters fine -
Noah Levitt's already done basically all the work for that, though
some of the patches are languishing in Bugzilla.


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