Re: BMP chars lacking fonts

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

>> There are now only 244 BMP chars listed in UnicodeData.txt that
>> pango attempts to paint and for which I have no free / libre font.

Owen> But how many characters are in the BMP that you have fonts that
Owen> cover, but not to render correctly?

That is a good point, and one I cannot answer w/o learning several
new scripts. ;-/

It is I think cool, though, that coverage is close to complete.

Owen> Are the VARIATION SElECTOR characters really printable
Owen> characters?

Only as combining characters following (if you want to follow the
unicode std strictly) a rather small set of math characters as well
as several mongolian characters.

Most of the characters that are "illegal" show up as <F00B>, but
the variation selectors (after a non-variable character or after
nothing) show up as a hexed box.

Owen> And what's magical about the BMP?

Only that non-BMP characters all show up as ? for me (ie a question
mark).  I eagerly await non-BMP support. :)

When the non-BMP actually display I'll update my site w/ them as well.


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