Re: Pango & printing?

Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le Mon, Jul 01, 2002, à 11:28:01AM -0700, Keith Packard a écrit:
Around 12 o'clock on Jul 1, Lars Clausen wrote:

What is the best way to print ([E]PS) with Pango?
Include the font with the EPS. That avoids any possibility that the target device wouldn't know about the font.

What happens if the font is huge (eg: Lucida Unicode), and we actually want
to send only a dozen glyphs? Can we avoid carrying five megs worth of
outlines then?

	-- Cyrille


for what it's worth.
For (and StarOffice) we convert TrueType to Type42 when the printer supports it (the capability is described in the printer description file (PPD). Otherwise we convert it to Type3. Type3 fonts appear a little bit "bolder" than normal. We always do a font subsetting, downloading exactly the requested glyphs in to the file.

It just works. If you are interested in having a look at the code I can send you some pointers (no need to grab the whole openoffice cvs archive).

best regards

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