Re: Pango & printing?

Le Fri, Jul 05, 2002, à 09:18:23AM +0200, Christof Pintaske - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg a écrit:

> for what it's worth.
> For (and StarOffice) we convert TrueType to Type42 when 
> the printer supports it (the capability is described in the printer 
> description file (PPD). Otherwise we convert it to Type3. Type3 fonts 
> appear a little bit "bolder" than normal. We always do a font 
> subsetting, downloading exactly the requested glyphs in to the file.
> It just works. If you are interested in having a look at the code I can 
> send you some pointers (no need to grab the whole openoffice cvs archive).

I'll gladly have a look at this! When exporting to EPS, we obviously have no
idea of what a .PPD is, but I'll love to see an example of subsetted Type3

	-- Cyrille


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