Re: linkification warnings

Am 18.12.2009 22:48, schrieb Nicola Fontana:
> Il giorno Fri, 18 Dec 2009 22:14:53 +0200
> Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de> ha scritto:
>> Am 18.12.2009 15:58, schrieb Nicola Fontana:
>>> I think the problem is the link to a struct that is subclassing a
>>> GObject is renamed to MyStructName+"_struct" [1] (resulting in
>>> MyStructName-struct after the id mangling). I suppose this is done
>>> to differentiate the link to the section from the link to the
>>> struct in the same GObject page, a quite common situation in GTK+.
>> Uhm, this is nasty. I did not thought about this. That should then be
>> taken into account by gtk-doc as this "-struct" suffix is a internal
>> detail and when linking to class memebers that is the desired
>> outcome. Please anyone file another bug for that.
> Hi Stefan,
> how do you intend to differentiate between a link to a section and a
> link to the struct? I mean, #GtkWidget will refer to
> GtkWidget.html#GtkWidget or to GtkWidget.html#GtkWidget-struct?
> I think letting the users choose the better one is a good thing. Maybe
> the syntax could be improved but I don't consider this a bug.
> Ciao.

This is one of the flaws in the historic (non-)design. I have not thought about
it. My current thinking is to make
- #GtkWidget -> Section docs
- #GtkWidget-struct -> object instance struct docs
- #GtkWidget.member -> object instance struct-member docs
- ...

So in fixxref we could try to smuggle the "-struct" in when the
#GtkWidget.member link can otherwise not be resolved. How does that sound?

I'd like to avoid that people would need to write #GtkWidget-struct.member.


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