Re: status gtk-doc towards 1.9

On Sun, 2007-07-22 at 22:05 +0300, Stefan Kost wrote:
> Damon Chaplin wrote:
> > I'm afraid I don't really want to spend much time on gtk-doc these days.
> > So you guys will have to take over maintainership, at least for a while.
> > 
> Fine with me. Of course it would be good if you could look over the changes
> still. Can you still do the releases? I could prepare the changelog etc.

I don't really want to do anything on gtk-doc for a while, I'm afraid.

Releases are fairly easy to do, just make dist, scp to
and use the install-module script on there.

The web pages are in svn, in gtk-web/gtk-doc.

> > Though please test changes before committing them, at least with the GTK
> > docs. (i.e. copy the xml directory, and see if any changes to gtk-doc
> > affect the xml files badly).
> > 
> Right now I build the docs for gstreamer and my own projects. I'll add gtk+ to
> that too. Problem with gtk+ is that without the index-generation patch applied
> it takes ages :/

You don't need to build the html to test every change. Just the xml
should be fine.


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