Re: tmpl/ to xml/ without DOCTYPE front matter

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 05:20:47PM -0400, Philip Kovacs wrote:
> How can I indicate in the source code the various sections, i.e. 
> short/long description,
> "See also", etc.   That's the only thing I was actually editing the 
> templates for.

Like this:

 * SECTION:gwydataview
 * @title: GwyDataView
 * @short_description: Data field displaying area
 * @see_also: #GwyDataViewLayer...
 * #GwyDataView is a basic two-dimensional data display widget...
 * This is the long description...

The following section tags currently exist: SECTION (the
section identifier), @title, @short_description, @see_also
and @stability.


Anonyms eat their boogers.

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