tmpl/ to xml/ without DOCTYPE front matter

I notice that when I edit a tmpl/ template file and rebuild, the corresponding
xml/ file gets the DOCTYPE front matter from the PROJECT-docs.sgml file,
which unfortunately includes all the ENTITY's that I added to that -docs.sgml
file, of the form:

<!ENTITY Something SYSTEM "xml/project-something.xml">

The .xml file in xml/ do not compile due to those echoed entities, since the
the current directory has shifted down one level, i.e. into xml/.

I find that I have to manually rip out everything before <refentry id="">
in the xml/ files after editing the templates.

It seems as those I have to distrtibute both the tmpl/ and the edited xml/
files as well in order for people to build proper docs.  I notice the gtk+
tarballs do just that, i.e. distribute xml/ files with the DOCBOOK/ENTITY
front matter all (manually?) ripped out.

No auto way to do this?


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