Re: tmpl/ to xml/ without DOCTYPE front matter


How can I indicate in the source code the various sections, i.e. short/long description, "See also", etc. That's the only thing I was actually editing the templates for.



Stefan Kost wrote:
Hi Philip,

I also once struggled with a similar issue. Anyway there is no need to
edit the tmpl files. You can comment inside the sources and hopefully,
one day, there won't be any tmpl files anymore.


Philip Kovacs wrote:
I notice that when I edit a tmpl/ template file and rebuild, the corresponding
xml/ file gets the DOCTYPE front matter from the PROJECT-docs.sgml file,
which unfortunately includes all the ENTITY's that I added to that -docs.sgml
file, of the form:

<!ENTITY Something SYSTEM "xml/project-something.xml">

The .xml file in xml/ do not compile due to those echoed entities, since the
the current directory has shifted down one level, i.e. into xml/.

I find that I have to manually rip out everything before <refentry id="">
in the xml/ files after editing the templates.

It seems as those I have to distrtibute both the tmpl/ and the edited xml/
files as well in order for people to build proper docs.  I notice the gtk+
tarballs do just that, i.e. distribute xml/ files with the DOCBOOK/ENTITY
front matter all (manually?) ripped out.

No auto way to do this?

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