Re: Patches

Eric Lemings <eric b lemings lmco com> writes:

> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > 
> > I would like to see enum and structure docs inline, and that
> > is actually really easy to do - basically you just need the
> > extract-docs-from-c-files step to run over the header files
> > as well, and there you are. I made this change once in
> > my local copy and it seemed to work fine.
> Any enum, structure, union, or typedef that is declared in a source file
> is visible only within that source file and thus, for intents and
> purposes, private.  I'm not sure why they should appear in an API
> reference/specification.
> If these elements should have public (or protected) scope, shouldn't
> they be declared, and for inline doc tools, documented in the header
> file?

I think you misunderstand me.

gtk-doc has two scan passes:

 1) Parse header files for enums, functions, structures, etc.

 2) Scan C files for docs for the docs for the items found in 1)

What I'm saying is making step 2) run over both headers and
C files is all you need to do to make it possible to do
inline enum and structure docs.


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