Re: Patches

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Damon Chaplin wrote:

> Ideally gtk-doc would just grab all the documentation from the
> source files, maybe do a bit of dynamic querying to get
> information on the hierarchy/signals/args, then output the
> DocBook. And that would be it.

if anyone is willing to move the documentation into the source-files
and edit it with e.g javadoc-keywords (and other keywords as
needed), I'll customise the relatively unannouced SDS-project
( to support gtk-preferences directly if
someone will give feedback in the process.  SDS has a documentation
backend which supports Docbook and also have several mechanisms that
make it suitable for doing non-trivial queries on the source as gtk
may need.  SDS will in the process create xml-representations of the
gtk-source which may also be used for other purposes and programs.
currently SDS is semi-working for C, but with the mentioned
assistance on the source it can be brought up to the quality gtk

Stig Erik Sandoe     stig ii uib no

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