Re: Patches

Eric Lemings <eric b lemings lmco com> writes:
> Would anybody have problems with patches submitted to make gtk-doc more
> compatible with javadoc, in terms of both functionality and
> look-and-feel?

Yes, if it causes us headaches with having to migrate existing
makefiles and docs or causes lots of code changes that could produce
bugs. We'd rather spend time writing docs than fooling with
gtk-doc. ;-)

Would rather see someone do a nice Javadoc-like replacement system,
and then migrate to it once it's ready, rather than having a slow
mutation in gtk-doc itself while we're trying to use it. i.e. make an
unstable branch, don't hack gtk-doc itself at the moment.

Though I think Doxygen is pretty nice, honestly, if you're looking for
a better system, and I'd even advocate using it if it didn't require
Qt to be installed.


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